FR damper


We are a professional manufacturer of large-scale power line fittings, electric iron accessories, electric power standard parts and telecommunication equipments in China. Based on production and sales as the core, we have standard parts production workshops, forged parts workshops and power iron accessories production. Workshops, surface treatment workshops, and one-stop production methods. At present, the company's business covers all parts of the country and is sold to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and South America.

Product name damper:

Protection fitting FR damper

FR damper

Product description of damper:

when cable suffers form aeolian vibration, the hammerhead of the vibration damper hanging on the cable may vibrate freely along with the movement of cable to make the steel stranded wires on anti-vibration damper rub each other,convert the vibration energy passed on to the  anti-vibration damper to friction heat among steel standed wires and consume such heat energy, thereby effectively supperessing the aeolian vibration of cable and prolongthe life of cable.

Usage of FR Vibration Damper:

Protective hardware,mainly used to reduce the vibration amplitude of overhead power line conductors and lightning wires


 Application Guide damper:

1. FR Vibration Dampers can`t be directly installed on the OPGW cables, installed with Helical Rods. 
2. Calculate the installation distance, if it is within the Helical Rods, then installed as usual (Installed on Helical Rods directly). If the installation position of Vibration Damper is outside of the Helical Rods, you should install Helical Rods. The distance between the end of the Vibration Damper and Protection Rods must be more than 70mm.
3. The big Damper Weight of low frequency is close to pole or tower.
4. Confirm the quantity per span length according to cable strength, span length and topography.

5. Hardware Accessories Vibration Damper, Protective Fitting FR Vibration Damper

Details of Protection Fitting FR Damper


FR damper
FR damper

Factory information

Shandong Ludian Line Equipment Co., located in beautiful and affluent Yantai, Shandong province. The company started producing electric power fittings in 1987. The predecessor is affiliated company of Shandong Yantai Qixia Power Supply Company. The company reformed in 1998. The company produces and operates electric power fittings, iron accessories as leading products, and is the processing enterprise integrating scientific research, development, manufacture, trading and service as a whole. Total registered capital is 15 million yuan. Convering an area of 35 mu. Having 120 staffs including 10 senior technical persons and 15 intermediate technical persons. Annual production capacity is more than 6000 t. 

Company adopted ISO9001:2000 International Quality Management Certification in June, 2001. Company is member unit of China electric power enterprise management association line equipment professional committee and is rated as advanced enterprise unit at many times in Qixia, Yantai province.
With an aim of quality first, credit utmost, mutual benefit and untiring service, company warmly welcomes domestic and foreign businessmen to have field trips and negotiate business to commonly write a new chapter of China power development.

FR damper
FR damper

FR damper

Factory products show

High vlotage product power line equipment.

FR damper
FR damper

FR damper

Our company produced 190 series over 2000 include aerial insulation cable fitting,cable fitting,heat shrinkabie accessory,cable branch box,isolation zinec oxide arrester,We also have spacer for double conductor,spacer for jumper conductors,spacer for double conductors,arcing horn,FD dampers,FR dampers,FDZ dampers,FF(FD-L)dampers, DB dampers,DBY dampers,FRY dampers,FYH proformed armor rod,FLD alumimium armor tape.ZC type counter weights pieces,suspension counter weight aluminium and acce The conductor can be enwound by aluminium tapes as installing dampers and spacers onto it.and so on.

FR damper

We are manufacture of power line product,we have all the series of high voltage substation fitting.

The output is big, the delivery date is short

We can produce according to customer's request

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Power fittings are metal accessories that connect and combine various types of devices, transmission machinery, electrical loads and some protective functions in power systems, and play an important role in power transmission and transformation projects. Product quality is not only related to the safe operation of the power grid, but also to the safety of personal property. According to the role of the product, it is usually divided into 9 categories, such as suspension clamp, tensile clamp, connecting fitting, connecting fitting, protective fitting, cable fitting, equipment clamp, T-clamp, fixed fitting, etc. Transmission and transformation engineering of various voltage levels.