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The zinc oxide surge arrester is mainly used to protect distribution transformer, cable connector and electric equipment from being damaged by lightning impulse voltage and operated over-voltage.

The zinc oxide surge arrester is the most advanced over-voltage protector in the world. Due to make the resistor disc of core component mainly adopt zinc oxide arrester. Compared with the traditional silicon-carbide arrester, this prescription of the product improves greatly the volt-Ampere characteristics of the resistor discand increase through-current capability at over-voltage so as to bring a radical-change for the characteristics of the arrester.Under the circumstance of normal operating voltage, the current through the arrester is just on microampere degree, When suffered from over-voltage, the arrester's excellent nonlinear characteristics will make the current through the arrester increase to several thousand amperes, while the arrester will be under the circulating state and release over-voltage energy so as to protecting the power transmission equipments against the damage caused by the over-voltage

1. Small size, Light weight, resistance to impact, no collision damage during transportation, flexible installation, suitable for use in the switch cabin.
2. Special structure, the overall compression molding, no air gap, good sealing performance, moisture-proof and explosion-proof
3. Large creepage distance, good hydrophobicity, strong stains resistance, stable performance and reduce operation maintenance.
4. Unique formula of zinc oxide varistor, small leakage current, long service life.
5. With DC reference voltage, rectangular flow capacity and high current and large current withstand capacity are higher than standard requirement.

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Shandong Ludian Line Equipment Co., located in beautiful and affluent Yantai, Shandong province. The company started producing electric power fittings in 1987. The predecessor is affiliated company of Shandong Yantai Qixia Power Supply Company. The company reformed in 1998. The company produces and operates electric power fittings, iron accessories as leading products, and is the processing enterprise integrating scientific research, development, manufacture, trading and service as a whole. Total registered capital is 15 million yuan. Convering an area of 35 mu. Having 120 staffs including 10 senior technical persons and 15 intermediate technical persons. Annual production capacity is more than 6000 t. 

Company adopted ISO9001:2000 International Quality Management Certification in June, 2001. Company is member unit of China electric power enterprise management association line equipment professional committee and is rated as advanced enterprise unit at many times in Qixia, Yantai province.
With an aim of quality first, credit utmost, mutual benefit and untiring service, company warmly welcomes domestic and foreign businessmen to have field trips and negotiate business to commonly write a new chapter of China power development.

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Our company produced 190 series over 2000 include aerial insulation cable fitting,cable fitting,heat shrinkabie accessory,cable branch box,isolation zinec oxide arrester and so on.

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